Learning to Roar

I love having a voice. To most people, it seems like I don't have one because I'm usually so quiet. But recently, something in me snapped. It all started with a group project that I had for a class and for whatever reason this one particular girl and I just didn't click. To me, she... Continue Reading →

Year of Jordan

Put it in your calendars. December 17th is a national holiday that MUST be celebrated. Why? It's the day I was born. This year I'm turning 23 and like the legendary MJ (the baller), it'll be a year of wins. By this time next year, I need to have my business set up in at... Continue Reading →

Tips to Save $$$ on Vacay

With my fall semester finally over, I can finally focus on my long-awaited and well-deserved WINTER BREAK. Bae and I have decided to go on a full 2-week vacation to go home and relax. He's from the sunny hills of LA and I'm from the chillest, the illest Chi-Town (Chicago). We're both super excited to... Continue Reading →

Finals SZN

It's that time of the semester. We are officially in finals season, and I am pulling out my hair. Between teachers that update grades last minute, and group projects with groups who don't carry equal weight, I'm dying of frustration. The light at the end of the tunnel? After this week, I'm done with all... Continue Reading →

Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list. If you don't know what that is; a bucket list is a list of things you plan to do before you essentially.....kick the bucket. Now, I like to constantly keep my bucket list evolving because I'm evolving and I want that to reflect. However, one thing I like to make... Continue Reading →

My Pinterest Fashion Board

If I could afford it, my closet would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous! I use my Pinterest as a vision board of sorts. I keep daily motivation, hair goals, work out regimens (that never get used), and fashion ideas in separate folders to pull inspiration from. Below, I have shared part of my vision board with you guys.... Continue Reading →

Black-Ish on Black sh*t

Black-ish, a tv show about a multi-racial (although predominantly black) family living in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. We learn about the racial issues that the family faces on the day to day, some we can relate to. Like a family member getting out of jail, the argument of public vs. private school, others are a little... Continue Reading →

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