I’m Brea’ Elaine. I’m a 22-year old senior at an HBCU. I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Illinois (#312). Ever since I was young, I’ve been all about female empowerment. My favorite movies, books, and games had strong female leads and I’m quick to justify the many different ways that being a woman is the greatest power on this earth. I’m also 4 years natural, which I achieved by trimming as I transitioned. According to my friends, my twist-outs are the stuff of legends.

This blog is more like a diary of my thoughts, opinions, and struggles on my¬†way to becoming a mogul. From struggling with my weight to accepting my first failure as an entrepreneur, I will be baring it all for you to see. As someone who doesn’t openly share, this is like my mini debut to the world. I hope some of you can relate to my story.


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