Grown-ish Recap: Un-Break My Heart

This episode gave me all the feels. Although it feels like the season is moving at much faster pace (causing viewers to feel like their missing small bits of information) than what the audience is viewing, watching the beginning process of our girl healing was something magical.


It starts with Zoey, who has been recently dumped, moping around in bed. It’s been 3 weeks since she and Ca$h broke it off (although we feel like it just happened), and Zoey has lost all reason to get out of bed. Fortunately, her best friend Ana doubles as her roommate, and seeing the hopeless rut that Zoey has fallen into, has called over the rest of their girl crew; Nomi, Jazz, and Sky. The group makes an effort to force Zoey out of her Doritos and snotty tissue infested bed to go out. Of course, Zoe protests for a few before they convince her to get dressed and tag along. This girl completely transformed from a dirty PJ set into a mini dress and heels that would likely turn heads. At this point of the show (still the beginning), I was pretty jealous. I wish I had a group of girls who I could fall on after a heart wrenching break up. However, Zoey doesn’t last long, as soon as the power goes out Zoey she returns into pajamas and resumes her mope-fest.

But her friends don’t give up on her there. The group turns the room into a little pow-wow, set with candles centered around their semi-circle. The girl’s coach Zoey through what she’s feeling, making sure to help her talk through her feelings but not get stuck in them. The twins made a good point,”Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean it’s gonna work out. And just because you work out, doesn’t mean they didn’t love you.” I think keeping this in mind will help a lot of girls going through a breakup. One of my favorite moments was when they helped Zoey trash talk her ex. Although petty, it’s very necessary.



However, Zoey ends up telling the group that through this entire time, she’s been talking to Ca$h. The biggest no-no of them all. They force her to cut all ties with him in an effort to help her heal. After all, you can’t heal a wound by picking at the scab. Around this time, Aaron swoops in for the rebound, bringing a bottle of champagne. The girls accuse him of a “black-out hook-up,” which he tries hard to deny. The boys then join in for a full group pow-wow. Later, as it seems the situation has diffused and the group gives Aaron and Zoey some alone time, Aaron drops a bomb. Ca$h is seeing Zoey Kravitz. YIKES!!! To protect himself, Aaron calls the group back and curls up in a ball clinging to a pillow for comfort. Now Zoey is back at square one, spinning out of control over a guy who didn’t deserve her.


Now livid, Zoey wants to call Ca$h and tear him a new one. Of course, her friends do their best to convince her not to call. She would look extremely crazy but considering that her head is spinning, she’s not in a space for good judgment. As she excuses herself to make the call, Zoey comes to the realization that her relationship is over and no matter what happens, it’s for the best. Calling him to yell wouldn’t change any of this. Ca$h let her down, and recovering from that would be a pretty large feat. She returns to the comfort of her friends who ensure that, in time, it will all go away. And what better way to get over such a rough time in adolescence than to get drunk and party with your close friends. Nothing cures a broken heart like laughter.


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