Grown-ish Recap: Ca$hin’ Out

In this weeks episode about the Johnson’s eldest, Zoey, the freshman learns some hard lessons about love and how sex can ultimately be a game changer (for better or worse).

As the episode opens, Zoey is declaring her love for Cash, her draft-pick prospect boyfriend. I understand that TV shows run on a different timeline but this feels a little fast. They just started dating and on top of that, they just admitted that they were drawn to each other because of titles and appearances. Excuse me for being a skeptic, but I think this is just another one of Zoey’s obsessive crushes. (Remember when she couldn’t stop obsessing over Aaron just 3 episodes back?)


We find out, early in the episode, that Zoey and Cash have been intimate. We all know how much that can change things. There’s a reason sex isn’t meant to be taken lightly, especially so young. Now Zoey can’t stop singing about how in love she is. So much so that she pisses off Nomi, the free-spirited, sexually liberated, realist. Nomi gives it to Zoey straight up. Zoey has been a terrible friend lately, all she seems to care about is Cash and has abandoned her friends without a second thought. While some of them don’t mind, Nomi has been going through her own fair share of relationship drama and Zoey could be none the wiser.


It doesn’t help that Cash has also given a (half-ass) proposal to Zoey on national television during an interview with a sports news channel. Cash basically tells national viewers that whatever his plans are, he intends to have Zoey right next to him. The Ayesha to his Steph Curry, he said. That would probably sound more romantic if Zoey wasn’t a first-semester Freshman who just had a taste of the real world. Also, they have maybe been together for what? 2months max! It amazes me how the extent of someone’s wit can only go as far as the ends of a book. Girl came to college with ready to conquer all and the second they got serious she said “what ambitions?” Anyway, Zoey actually starts to consider leaving college to travel with Cash. I probably wouldn’t be as annoyed if Cash actually had a plan. But he’s just stringing her along while he TRIES to get drafted without considering Zoey may have ambitions of her own.

Her mom happily ripped her a new one after popping up in Zoey’s dorm room because Zoey has been M.I.A on all fronts that do not include Cash. Basically, Bow tells Zoey that she is way too smart to drop everything and be dedicated to some guy (duh). She’s too young to even make these type of big life decisions, especially considering that she’s likely mistaking love for a physical feeling that Cash provides (obviously). A feeling that is obviously influencing her decisions. Zoey is a girl who has pretty much everything going for her and she’s about to put that on the back burner for a guy who may not make the same sacrifice for her.

Zoe and Nomi

Well, Cash made it easy for her by trying to slither his way out of his offer by bringing up all these reasons why Zoey shouldn’t follow him. He pretty much has no control over his life once he’s drafted and he’ll be gone for weeks at a time. Let’s also not forget that there are groupies on the road, and he looks like the type to rationalize sleeping around. Those cold nights in nice hotels get so lonely, right? Zoey kicks Cash out and weeps her little heart away. Zo-Zo’s first heartbreak. Strangely, Nomi comes in to find Zoey heartbroken and the two mend their friendship over tears and stories of love pains, a great sister moment. Zoey will be just fine.

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