Grammy’s All Black

The 2018 Grammy’s was one to remember. In what could be a response to past media trends (#grammyssowhite), the award show decided to add a whole lot of melanin this year. Here is the list of some of the top category winners along with some snubs (read: shade?)

Album of the Year: 24K Magic- Bruno Mars

Hmmmm. As much as this album played on my streaming accounts, it was definitely more for a party vibe. Kendrick probably should’ve taken this one. But maybe it was a little too drenched in his African-American struggle, and therefore unrelatable to the judges. But hey, everyone can relate to 24K magic……in the air.

Best Rap Performance: Humble.- Kendrick Lamar

I couldn’t be too mad at this. In my opinion, Kendrick is a male version of Beyonce. His shows are not just filled with hype music and jumping up and down the stage. He has visuals, backgrounds, and raps with such authority you feel as though you’re seeing the struggle through his eyes. This would be my definite pick.

Best Rap/Sung Performance: Loyalty- Kendrick Lamar ft. Rihanna

I didn’t even know this was a real category.

Best Rap Album: Damn- Kendrick Lamar

It was kind of a toss-up for me. Between 4:44 and Damn., I couldn’t decide which got played more on my phone. I love Jay-Z “let me put y’all on game” vibe that his album had, I could even call it slightly educational. Not bad for a man that didn’t go to college. Sign me up for the Jay-Z master class, please. On the other hand, Damn. was both a visual pleasure and chant in its own right. Kendrick always makes me feel like I can win no matter what. His album was like a “You got this” chant playing in the background.

Best New Artist: Alessia Cara

Love Alessia but Sza should’ve definitely won this one. Who casts these votes? Sza is one of the best young female R&B artists out, among H.E.R. and Kehlani. She was robbed of this award. Especially since Ctrl. was so well received among listeners. Did Alessia even have an album? I haven’t heard it.

Song of the Year: That’s What I Like- Bruno Mars (and a LOT of other collaborators)

Damn dude. Share some of the spotlight. Despacito was my top pick in this category. Even if JB did disrespect the song and culture (AT THE SAME TIME) in one clip.

Best R&B Performance: That’s What I Like- Bruno Mars

Can’t complain too much about this pick. Bruno definitely captivates with his performances. Watching him is like watching a movie, you wanna watch it all the way through. He’s one of the few artists I would go see live because I imagine an actual production onstage and a party in the crowd.

If I’m being honest, these are the only categories I really care about. Bruno was definitely the star of the Grammy’s, taking home 6 Grammy’s (7 total for the album). The award show was basically an invitation for everyone to come see how great Bruno was. Definitely thought that there would be more females in the running this year. Did we forget that Lemonade was basically a movie? Where was Kehlani in all this? Sza couldn’t get ONE award? The girl is a lyrical genius. I think its great that Alessia Cara won Best New Artist, I just don’t think it was her time yet. And even though people say Jay-Z’s album was his “My bad.” to Beyonce’s (Lemonade), it was a great apology.

What do you think of this years Grammy picks? Were you surprised? Did you already know the winners? Comment below!

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