Grown-ish Recap: C.R.E.A.M.


WOW! Just got done watching Grown-ish and as usual, the creators have touched on some pretty relevant topics. In the recent episode, Zoey has the status of her virginity tweeted out by her bae (Ca$h) after people attack her for being an alleged hoe. For the record, Zoey is really a virgin on the show. -This is also the first time I can recall hearing about her sexual status between either of her shows.- Zoey later learns about how rough Cash has it (shocking?) and how being with her and stating that she was a virgin, was ultimately a PR tactic to level up his own brand image. Zoey’s friends were having NONE of it the second they all found out, but Zoey is still entangled in the mess of her relationship to a potential 1st round draft pick to the NBA. Um, who wouldn’t be? There’s an intense car scene between Zoey and Cash, where they reveal whether these titles are the reason they find value in one another; Zoey being a virgin, and Cash being an up and coming pro athlete. Turns out, they both like these titles as it gives them some strange sort of validation. Zoey is Cash’s “good girl” and Cash is Zoey’s popularity trophy. Towards the end of the episode, Zoey’s friends dig into her for missing a birthday for a group member and making her entire life about a boy. However, all ends well and Zoey and Cash continue to see where their relationship goes.

Sub-plots: Nomi (she’s a bisexual free spirit) has an issue dating a guy who sexually identifies as bi-sexual, like her.


My Input:

Zoey is, without a doubt, outing her friends in place of a relationship. Her friends bring up major points about the relationship 1. constant gossip about him cheating and 2. he will likely drop her once he makes it to the NBA. Those two reasons alone are enough to cause major issues for me, however, Zoey tends to play it cool on these fronts. But I find it unrealistic for someone as on the rise as Cash to be celibate. As great as Zoey is, if she isn’t willing to give it up, most guys would keep her around while they found someone else to appease their “needs.” And this is just based off stories I hear from my male friends along with horror stories from girls on campus. My campus is mostly female so Freshman and Sophmore year, a lot of girls were sharing in some very unfortunate ways (if you get me). I think there’s a timer on this relationship.

Next, during the car scene, Zoey admits that although she is upset about what Cash did, she did appreciate that he stood up for her. Which would be fine, if she wasn’t giving him such a hard time for doing it. She was about to drop him without even talking about it, but now she kinda liked it? I’m not sure if I would be as upset if someone tweeted that I was a virgin. Yes, there would definitely be trolls making jokes but at the end of the day, women can’t win. We’re either prudes or whores, I’d rather be considered a prude. Call it the lesser of two evils. But that’s not to say that Cash had any right to speak to the public about something so private and it was a HUGE blow to their trust. Once I heard him tell her that he did it on purpose to help boost his brand, that would have been it for me. It is never ok for someone to use me for their personal gain by embarrassing me. That was such a big red flag.


Lastly, my generation is a little more sexually fluid and being gay is not as bad of a word as it used to be. However, there is still a stigma about it that bothers me. When Nomi dumps her boyfriend, it’s because the thought of him being with a guy is off-putting to her even though he found her while she was on a date with a girl. Now, of course, we all know that girl on girl action is most men’s fantasy and therefore it is a desirable trait but girls don’t have a fantasy about men in bed with other men. Point taken. But, as Nomi started going into why she was uncomfortable, she revealed that she felt like she would never be enough for him because he would always be fantasizing about other men. That’s not true, but it’s also not his problem. That’s a personal insecurity and I also think it’s selfish because Nomi wants to be the most desired by both sexes and seems to be bothered when the attention is not placed on her. She admitted that she was a hypocrite and apologized but that didn’t really change or mean much. People being unaccepting of differences has been a major problem with this world for centuries. He doesn’t like her because she’s a woman. You don’t like them because they’re black. We don’t like those people because they’re not Christian. I don’t like her because she’s gay. WHO CARES. I think once people learn that they need to be accepting to be accepted, things would get drastically better.

These kids have a lot to learn about relationships and identity, but I like that other new college students have a show that is so relatable to them.


So that’s my recap guys! Hope you enjoyed. I’ll be doing recaps for Grown-ish every Wednesday when it airs at 8pm Est.

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