5 ways to Rock a Trench Coat

Just because winter is in mid-swing doesn’t mean we can’t put our best heels forward!! Here are a few looks I came up with to make sure that keeping warm doesn’t mean looking frumpy.
5 ways to Rock a Trench Coat
Casually Prepped- This look is both posh and casual. The trousers and turtleneck top add a little bit of sophistication but leave the arms out to show a little skin. The shoes dress down the look but keeping them plain ensures it doesn’t steal from the two statements: the trench coat and wrist game. I thought the gray hair would add a little more pizzaz.
Cool Hues
Cool Hues- I love neutral palettes and muted colors so this gray/blue scale outfit was perfect. In the winter, I still want to wear skirts but I don’t like to show skin, so the color block tights add a great amount of coverage. If you’ve always wanted to try mixing metals but were too afraid to try, these silver boots are a great introduction. Since the color tone is more of a gray hue, silver is easy to get away with and I made sure to keep the gold jewelry small and dainty. A nude lip is a MUST with this ensemble.
Rosie Posie- NUDE PINK!!!! Ugh, I love the color cause it’s super flattering and always adds a romantic and feminine touch. I wanted the ruffled shirt to draw attention so I kept everything else relatively simple minus 2 other pieces. (Can you guess which 2?) If you guessed the blue watch and detailed bag, you guessed right. The pop of blue will definitely draw some attention and the purse just adds more flair to a rather simple outfit.
Contrasting Seasons
Changing Seasons- This outfit is a little busier, and it demands some confidence to fully pull it off. I was going for a romantic vibe with the floral print pants and lace top. To bring out the green in the pants, I added the green duster and the pink earrings pull out the flowers. The dark accessories kinda pull into that whole “dark winter colors” rule, and pulls it together.
Hogwarts- It all started with the sweater and I couldn’t resist a Hogwarts themed outfit. I wanted to keep this one very laid back and casual so I styled the look with Timberland boots and black skinnies.  I brought in the Versace watch and (we’ll say snakeskin) bag in reference to the Slytherin House. The way you’ll be slaying will have people thinking you cast Avada Kedavra (killing curse…..get it?)
I hope you enjoyed these looks, for more you can visit Polyvore, my user is Breaelaine-brown. Please comment, like, and share if you enjoyed this!

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