Learning to Roar

I love having a voice. To most people, it seems like I don’t have one because I’m usually so quiet. But recently, something in me snapped. It all started with a group project that I had for a class and for whatever reason this one particular girl and I just didn’t click. To me, she just seemed catty and reminded me of one of those girls that are trying to climb the social ladder. Everything about her just rubbed me the wrong way. But what bothered me most is that I was passive through the entire project. I let her slick comments go unchecked, I left my apartment off campus to go to her dorm on campus and NOT work on the project, I let this girl believe she intimidated me, she couldn’t bypass simple obstacles we faced but I let her lead. That’s unlike me. If anything I always give people a piece of my mind and if I see you being a terrible leader I go my own way. For some reason, with her, I hadn’t.

Then I thought back to when I had my own business. MY business, that someone asked to invest in and become a part of. I let this man (we’ll call him Pat) practically bully me into decisions that I knew were wrong, and my company suffered for it. By the time I started standing up to him, we were in too deep to turn around. I had more business knowledge than what he claimed to have and he would threaten my business all the time, he was . I knew better but because of fear and not trusting my instincts, I let my business fail. Thankfully, it was a learning lesson.

Now, I’m working at this restaurant and I feel extremely undervalued. I’ve spoken with the owner, who just brushed me off, and nothing got better. Of course, I didn’t make any demands and because I’m almost always the youngest in any professional setting, people never take me seriously. So I didn’t get what I asked for, and part of me feels like it was a blatant “f*ck you.”

All I can say, is I am so over that. I’m tired of feeling voiceless and letting people think that they can walk over me. In none of these situations, were any of these people superior to me, I just convinced myself I was inferior. I realize now that this kind of thinking will get me nowhere. CEO’s don’t let people speak over them, they let people know they’re in charge. And why shouldn’t they? I’ve noticed that most of the time, people aren’t as tough as they think they are, and you can always tell when someone thinks they’re the big dog. But I know a little secret, those who know they can easily defeat their enemies, don’t make a lot of noise about. What’s known doesn’t need to be constantly restated. Does that sound familiar?

So find your voice. No, really I wanna hear it. Can you relate? How did you respond?


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