Year of Jordan

Put it in your calendars. December 17th is a national holiday that MUST be celebrated. Why? It’s the day I was born. This year I’m turning 23 and like the legendary MJ (the baller), it’ll be a year of wins. By this time next year, I need to have my business set up in at least 4 locations across the United States. I’m reaching 30 fast, that first $1M needs to be in the works.

There are a lot of young inspirationals that I follow that have been indirectly speaking to the me I really wanna be. Kehlani, Sza, Lilly Singh, Skai Jackson, the list could go on. They all talk about how life literally changed in the blink of an eye, they just needed to be prepared for it. Kehlani was on the streets hustling just to eat and now this girl is selling out shows like its nothing. Sza felt average her entire life, she begged for her latest album, Control, not to be released. Now she’s a two-time platinum artist. The hustle is real, and its vital in order to surpass where you are now.

Pure honesty, I sit in class every day and literally feel caged in. I HATE school because I feel like it’s teaching me how to be a worker and that’s not who I am. I’m a creator. My dreams are way bigger than working at someone else’s Fortune 500. I understand the value that school has, you need to know how to think in move in this world. But when it comes down to it, school is about the art of finesse. It’s not so much about what you know but who, and not so much as how hard you worked for that A but how you got it. Work smarter not harder right? I’ve learned more street smarts than book smarts at school. Yea, Finesse 101 is an actual class, you just never knew it was constantly in session.

This Jordan year, I wanna put that finesse to the test. I’ve learned the hard way that the successful class doesn’t go the traditional route. I need to be more bold, more demanding, more confident. My life has prepared me for this. I’ve built a thick skin from years of harsh judgment and self-inflicted inferiority. I’ve had to learn to toughen and be quick. Life has prepared me for this Jordan year. So when December 17 12am drops, that’s when I start running full speed.

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