Tips to Save $$$ on Vacay

With my fall semester finally over, I can finally focus on my long-awaited and well-deserved WINTER BREAK. Bae and I have decided to go on a full 2-week vacation to go home and relax. He’s from the sunny hills of LA and I’m from the chillest, the illest Chi-Town (Chicago). We’re both super excited to visit our families for the holiday and finally…Finally……..FINALLY, have a vacation. We haven’t traveled out of town since around this time last year. That’s weird for most college students at our university.

We’ve been saving up for this for about 3 months, but we had some minor monetary setbacks. That brought us into save mode overdrive and we’ve been looking under cushions to save every dime we can. To help maintain a budget, I came up with some money saving tips that I thought I could share with you guys.

  1.  Set a savings goal- It’s important to know how much you will need for the trip and plan to save a bare minimum that will cover it. I suggest planning this goal months ahead so that you have more than enough time to get there. Also, you will have time to recover if you run into some last minute expenses.
  2. Budget the entire trip- Obviously, you want to budget for the trip but I mean budget for each day. Take your savings goal and divide it by the number of days that you will be on vacation. This dollar amount is the maximum amount of money that you can spend each day before going broke.
  3. Transfer money- When you’re finally on your trip, it’ll be hard to budget as you spend (unless you’re that good with keeping up with your spending). I have two checkings account, one I use for savings but I don’t like the limitations of a traditional savings account. As a college student, I transfer money from accounts often. If you only have the maximum amount of money you’re allowed, you can’t overspend. If you have money left over, let it roll over to the next day when you add the money over from daily budget, now you have more money!
  4. Flight planning- I use Hopper and Skyscanner to help plan my flights. Hopper shows you current pricing for your flight and lets you know if and when you can get a better deal. Skyscanner shows you the current lowest prices and the airlines that go with it.
  5. Go grocery shopping- It’s very tempting to always eat out when you’re on vacation, but if you can help it, opt to cook. It saves money and probably loads of sneaky calories.
  6. Plan your days- For me, if I don’t have plans I tend to overspend in an effort to entertain myself. Instead, plan what you want to do ahead of time so you’ll never be bored and you’ll be able to budget for the day better. I keep a calendar with plans on my phone.
  7. Outfit planning- Try planning your outfits in advance. I use the Polyvore app to help. The app lets you put together outfits and create lookbooks. For my trip, I chose clothes that look similar to the clothes that I have in my closet and mixed and matched things. Now, your argument to go shopping is null and void. You have choices sis.
  8. Use your significant other- The way I see it my boyfriend’s clothes are my clothes so technically I have 2 suitcases! Try pairing some of his pieces with your outfits. It can be a scarf or one of his favorite shirts. My boyfriends closet is never safe.

Hope you enjoyed those few tips I have for saving on vacation. This has saved me a lot of time and temptation with spending money. Remeber this holiday season, wherever you go, spending time with loved ones and creating memories makes for a great vacation.

What are you doing for the holidays? Let me know if you have any tips to save money for your travel plans!

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