Finals SZN

It’s that time of the semester. We are officially in finals season, and I am pulling out my hair. Between teachers that update grades last minute, and group projects with groups who don’t carry equal weight, I’m dying of frustration. The light at the end of the tunnel? After this week, I’m done with all of my classes. Minus a couple of papers that I have to turn in online, but that’s nothing.

I keep reminding myself that I’m almost done, I’m so close to the finish line but then something comes up. That’s life though right? It’s about overcoming the struggles, not sleeping for a few days, and then realizing you got the A that you were looking forward to. Or, depending on your situation, getting whatever passing grade you need to graduate. Trust me I get it, sometimes the C’s and D’s do get degrees. In my school, I’m fairly certain that’s true for a good amount of students.

What helps me get through these rough times are finding things that relax me. I love having candles lit in my room because it provides a soft ambiance that feels very relaxing. My favorite scents tend to be aromas like cinnamon and vanilla but lavender is always a good pick too. I also have two types of playlists; one that hypes me up, and one that helps me focus. Depending on what I’m doing, I pick a playlist for that occasion and let it motivate me. Lastly, I take a warm bath while I watch a movie on my laptop, two things I find relaxing.

Either way, do your best to make it through this rough patch. Whether you’re in finals season like me or you’re going through another trying time, we got this. The pain and discomfort are temporary but the regret or triumph we feel after will last.

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