Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list. If you don’t know what that is; a bucket list is a list of things you plan to do before you essentially…..kick the bucket. Now, I like to constantly keep my bucket list evolving because I’m evolving and I want that to reflect. However, one thing I like to make a point is that I believe in the power of attraction, so these aren’t things that may happen or I wish will happen, THESE WILL HAPPEN. So, here is my up to date bucket list:

  1. Meet Zendaya/ Become best friends
  2. Make my first $1Million before 30
  3. Go Skydiving (again)
  4. Buy a Lamborghini (but only to look at)
  5. Become a black belt in at least 2 martial arts
  6. Build a household brand
  7. Start a Youtube channel
  8. Better my self-confidence
  9. Write a book
  10. Create an annual gala like the Diamond Ball
  11. Meet Selena Gomez/ Become best friends
  12. Learn choreography from Kehlani
  13. Meet Jay-Z/ make him a mentor
  14. Travel to Africa to build houses
  15. Start a highly successful cosmetic business
  16. Buy matching cars with my dad
  17. Buy my mom a house
  18. Get a puppy
  19. Learn to smile on the outside too
  20. Learn how to make more friends
  21. Learn 5 coding languages
  22. Create a Ben & Jerry’s flavor

But of course, in all of this, the number one priority not listed here is to BE HAPPY. It’s corny but so few people remember that life is about more than making others happy or achieving success. I could accomplish everything on this list and it wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t happy.

Do you have a bucket list? What are some of your items? Comment them below!!

Laters baby…………..

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