Black-Ish on Black sh*t

Black-ish, a tv show about a multi-racial (although predominantly black) family living in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. We learn about the racial issues that the family faces on the day to day, some we can relate to. Like a family member getting out of jail, the argument of public vs. private school, others are a little more foreign for more than a few of us black folk, like dating someone white. In the most recent season, it appears that Black-ish felt the need to remind us that, although it is a tv show, they are more than happy to school everyone on black history.

The season opener talked about Columbus day with some musical notes that had me dancing as I was having receipts read to me. It starts with the twins, Diane and Jack, taking part in a play that essentially romanticizes the beginning of Colonialism. Further, in the episode, the show raises the argument about why people celebrate what started slavery, but most people outside of the black diaspora ignore Juneteenth, the day that officially ended slavery. Truth BOMB!

Black-ish isn’t new to bringing up injustices within the American dream that we live in. They had an episode dedicated to police brutality, colorism within the black community, having Trump for a president, voting rights, the list could go on for a while. It’s almost as though the show has to remind you every now and then,”Yes we’re a sitcom, but we’re also here to feed you some truth about black culture.” If you haven’t watched this show yet (no matter what race you are), I definitely recommend it as one to watch. People from all backgrounds can gain insight into the triumphs and struggles of being black OUTSIDE of our own community. There are learning lessons for everyone but typically done in a way that makes you laugh so the truth pill is easier to follow.

The eldest child, Zoey, is getting a spin-off of the show to go to college. I can’t wait for the show to detail her struggles being a black student at a PWI, I’m sure that there will be so many black students (in BSU?) who will be nodding their heads in agreement at the many transgressions this girl is about to face.

Hands down, this show has been a favorite since airing. I highly recommend it.

Let me know what you think of Black-ish. Are there any other shows you find similar?

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