Good Motivation for Every Female Boss

As a self-proclaimed feminist, I find it important for every woman to have some sort of motivation that they can go to whenever needed. Since I lean towards brands that are run by female leaders, I have racked a few of my top movies and books that are my inspiration. Maybe, you can use them too:

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  1. #Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso; The woman who brought us, Nasty Gal, gives us a book about her rise to success starting from her humble eBay store. Sophia is an underdog who went from slumming it to conquering her own empire. Definitely, a must-read for anyone who feels that they will never be able to grow their dreams into something bigger. Lesson Learned: Anyone can become a Girl (7)
  2. Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence; Joy was a little tough to watch because the movie is rather long and it’s not an action plot with a lot of things going on. Instead, its a movie that follows Joy, a single mother of two, as she tries to create and sell her invention of a mop. You literally SEE all the struggles that come with being an entrepreneur, there’s even a scene where a company tries to steal her patented molds and her family tries to sell her company on her behalf because they didn’t believe in her idea. This movie was deep but we see how all her hard work and fighting leads to her becoming a huge QVC success at the end of the movie. Lesson: Not everyone sees the (8)
  3. Becoming Beyonce by J. Randy Taraborrelli; I heard that this book was unauthorized by the queen herself but it was a good read. J. Randy does an in-depth tell-all about what it took to make Beyonce the star that she is. While she is a great performer, her work ethic far outshines everything else. People often see stars and think that they are just fortunate and fame just fell on them. That wasn’t the case for Beyonce, you see behind the scenes of all the practice and dedication she put into her career when she was 8. 8!!!! It was a true inspiration to learn that Beyonce has made mistakes and she uses them as learning opportunities. Do you know how motivational that is for us women who feel like our mistakes define us?! Lesson Learned: Success does not happen overnight, it is a build up of effort and (9)
  4. How to Be a Bawse by Lily Singh; Currently still devouring this gem, but so far I am impressed. Before reading this book, I didn’t really know who Lily Singh was but I saw a woman of color had written a book and I was sold. Anyway, Lily is a YouTuber will a huge following (over 12mil currently), she goes by the name SuperWoman (and she honestly is). Lily started her channel during the era when YouTube wasn’t the huge star-maker that is now but she grew her following with some keys that she teaches in her book. Literally, every chapter is a major learning moment for ANYONE. Best part, she’s extremely relatable. Lesson Learned: “Words lie. Actions lie too. Consistency speaks the truth.”download (10)
  5. The Intern starring Anne Hatheway; The Intern centers around a female entrepreneur (Hatheway) and her intern (Robert DiNero). Hatheway has created a clothing website The Fit. The idea of her company is a little vague. We follow Hatheway as she tries to navigate the highs and lows of running a business; one of the major obstacles, the board is trying to replace her with another CEO. This is a light-hearted drama that I watch when I’m feeling stuck and I need a jolt to get me started again. You’ll probably cry a little. Lesson Learned: With success comes (11)
  6. Sex & the City (series/ movies); Carrie Bradshaw, not much of a fan of the character (I’m a fan of Samantha and Miranda), however, I do love her fashion sense and her “I can conquer it all” attitude. Carrie also holds true to the idea that friends are there to push you out of your comfort zone and into a better you. There is a little bit of entrepreneurial advice within this brand but its more of a personal pick me up when I’m just feeling powerless. Lesson Learned: Choose your friends wisely.


That concludes my list. Give them a try, hopefully it’ll help you in your moment of need. Let me know some of your tools of motivation!

Bye babes

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