It’s Sweater Season

It’s officially fall, even if it still feels like an unofficial summer (I am still wearing summer dresses in October. Global Warming guys!!) I love fall because I love the fall fashion. Boots! Sweaters! Leggings! Crewnecks! NO MORE SHOWING TOES!!! because feet slightly creep me out.

Here’s a small capsule of styles that I have made for the fall season via my Polyvore account. If you’re new to Polyvore, it’s a fashion site that lets you create entire looks from their very vast repertoire of clothing and accessories. Best part? You can actually buy the items through the app. Shopping made easy. (YAASSSS)

Untitled #10

Look #1: I like to keep it casual sometimes with just leggings and a crop top. I can go for a complete sporty look and wear the Puma x Fenty sneakers and a basic backpack. -OR- I can wear the holographic sneakers, which give added height and the suede backpack which adds more kick to the look.

Untitled #7

Look #2: I love this look because it’s a lot of drama. From the jewelry to the flowy pants to the velvet top, everything is practically a statement. Choose between full out drama with a black lip or stick to a classic red.


Look #3: I was feeling a little grown and sexy with this ensemble. Pencil skirts always accentuate curves, and the brown and cream hues keep the look toned down. The bag is definitely the stand out peice in this outfit.

Untitled #4

Look #4: This look is so boho. I like to stick to a few colors which you can see are the brown and gray. The skirt allows you to show some leg but the thigh high boots make sure it’s not too much.

Untitled #9

Look #5: One of my favorite colors is a blush pink, the theme for this look along with floral print. The lace bodysuit and rugged jeans add a naughty girl vibe to an otherwise girly ensemble. Paired with a bold lip for drama.

Untitled #5

Look #6: We need to take a moment for this bag. CUTE. I was going for earthy vibes and flowy material to add some romance. I think the brown details help pull the look together.

Untitled #6

Look #7: I was going for color blocking with this look. I tried to keep most of the colors light and let the deep purple of the pants stand out the most. I love this outfit because it is a lot of colors but everything is so understated and plain.


If you see anything in these sets that you’re in love with, feel free to find me on Polyvore (breaelaine-brown). All my sets should be available to see, from there you should be able to purchase the items directly through the app.



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