Fall Lippies!

So ladies, (and some of my gents 😉 ) fall is here and that means it is time for vampy lips! I love a good dark lip. I believe you can wear them all year around, but that’s my personal preference. Here are some of my top picks for your fall lip collection.

Enjoy babes!



She's Just Jelly Lip Whip Liquid Matte Lipstick - Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand - 1

http://bit.ly/2eBRG4N $20

I am in LOVE with this company guys!!! Beauty Bakerie is black-owned and cruelty-free. Some of the products have even been used by celebrities (Beyonce). I love this lip because of it dark berry tone, which goes great with just about any fall outfit. The entire lip line is super matte and the best part is there is no transfer after it dries down. (Yes, it’s kiss proof, food proof, smudge proof.) This color, and brand, is definitely a must in your arsenal.


http://bit.ly/2yb9tNd $18

As a self-professed chocolate fiend, anything that looks like, smells like, or is named after chocolate, is good in my book. Dose of Colors has this beautiful brown that looks great on every skin tone. Brown, has recently become a favorite of mine since I installed my purple box braids. The color combo is gorgeous. I especially love rocking this shade with nudes and greens in my wardrobe.

Image result for raisin hell lime crime Raisin’ Hell $20


Lime Crime is a company with a spotty past, but if you’re ok with that, their lipsticks are phenomenal. Raisin’ Hell is the older, sexier sister of your classic red. Whenever I wear this shade, I instantly feel 10x hotter. Pair it with your classic winged liner and you have a look that’s so simple but makes you look AMAZING!

http://bit.ly/2y5eZ52 $17

I hear you. Technically, this isn’t really a fall shade (and it’s definitely not vampy). But listen to me, of all the nudes I have tried, this one seems to always look best with my fall wardrobe. It’s a warmer nude that compliments my warm undertones. I’ve also let some of my friends wear it (don’t worry we sanitize) and they loved it too. If you ever want to find a neutral shade for your fall kit, reach for this beauty.

Wickedly Divine-EvildoerWickedly Divine $14.00


Trying to snag products with this company is a little tricky. LA Splash likes to keep their lip lines for a season or two and then they replace them. But, Wickedly Divine is a matte black for my people who love a bold lip. This shade is definitely in your face and you will be noticed, so have that face beat to the heavens.


That’s my top 5 guys! Hope I gave you some inspiration and introduced you to some new companies. Leave a comment if you try any of these!!!


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