Fear is always considered a negative. In a way it’s a positive, it stops you from doing things that jeopardize your safety. (I.e. not putting your hand on the stove) But just follow me on the previous day example as I take you into a metaphor. If your hand doesn’t touch the stove, how do you know it’s hot? Cause other people said so right? But you can’t live life taking the word of others as law, you’ll never gain experience that way. At most, you’ll live vicariously through others your entire life. It’s important to make your own mistakes, and yes even fail.

Failure is embarrassing, trust me I get it, and that’s where the fear comes in. To protect us from the rejection and embarrassment we make it a fear, which keeps us from trying. I was inspired to write this from my own fears. I’m afraid to fail, afraid to be embarrassed, so I do nothing, I stay silent, I become passive. But I never grow. I often feel stagnant. I look at so many other powerful women and they just evoke this confidence that I envy. But even Beyonce and Michelle Obama have moments where they have fear. What separates them from me (besides a host of other things) is that even in their fear they go for it. Because they understand that in order to be better, failure is necessary. It’s necessary because you learn. So I’ve decided to look at fear and rationalize two outcomes. If I fail, I learned a lesson which still counts as a step forward, and if I succeed that’s an obvious positive. Either way, as long as we try, we win.


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