Date Night

I LOVE date night. I love getting all dolled up, the intimate conversation, the flirting. I am a firm believer that, whether it’s been a few months or a few decades, you should never stop dating. But, sometimes coming up with new and exciting things to do with your significant other can lead into a rut. (Going to see a movie) I’ve compiled a list of date ideas for couples that can work in just about any state, to keep the love alive.

  1. Theatre; recently I went to see a Shakespearean play with my love and although I was not a fan of the play itself, I did like the idea. There’s something romantic about a play that movies kind of lack and it’s an excuse to get a little more dressed up.
  2. Paint N’ Sip; I’ve only been once but I cannot wait to go back. Paint N’ Sips are like real life art tutorials where drinking is pretty much encouraged. I think it’s a great date idea because you and your partner can create something together or separately and hang it. It doubles as a souvenir and a real piece of art.
  3. Dancing
    1. Dance lessons; learning together is something me and my boyfriend like to do. Dancing also gives couples an excuse to touch one another a little more intimately in public ( I’m sure guys love that!)
    2. Club dancing; going to the club is not just for singles. There’s a club in the DMV called Decades that has a different era of music on every floor so everyone can find something they will enjoy. You can both let loose, have a few drinks, and grind on one another. (What makes it even more romantic is the hangover you’ll both share in the morning.)
  4. Sports game; depending on whether you and your date are into sports and the type of sports, going to a game allows your competitive side to show. It’s also romantic (and yes, a little cheesy) to have a kiss on the jumbotron.
  5. Skyzone; imagine a large gym made of trampolines and that’s Skyzone. (I’m sure there are other companies that are similar) Jumping around all day may not seem like a good date but it really lets you relive your childhood. There’s dodgeball, a pit, tag; all the games we played as kids.
  6. Museums; learning about another culture or another subject is always exciting (at least for a nerd like me). It gives the opportunity to spark debate or have in-depth discussions about a particular piece or segment you both saw in the museum.
  7. Poetry Session; a good poet can keep you entertained for hours. I especially love poetry slams and seeing poets compete against one another.
  8. Amusement Parks; I’m not a huge fan but this one is worth mentioning. For the thrill seekers, the amusement park is a literal playground. Together you can challenge gravity with giant drops and terrifying roller coasters. For some reason, fear always brings people closer together.


These are just a few date ideas that I’ve done or have heard about. What are some of your favorite things to do for date night?

Remember to always keep the love alive

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