In today’s society, image is equivalent to success. With the rise of Instagram fame and Youtube millionaires, how people view you is deemed very important. Therefore, girls (and maybe men too) are undergoing extreme transformations to portray their best selves. It can be a lot of pressure. You have to be in the best shape, be a hair guru, be a makeup pro, a fashion stylist, and a bad bitch (in some cases). Now of course when we, as women, look good, we feel good but something about this trend appears to be a big cover up and scam. Women are starting to look and act alike, different shades of the same woman in an effort to achieve the approval of their peers.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t wanna be the same. More importantly, I don’t want to live my life trying to be perfect and hide all my insecurities. So, I decided to own all the things that make me feel insecure and I’ll be sharing a few of them with you. By owning my flaws I hope other ladies (and men, I don’t exclude lol) are able to relate and realize that everyone has flaws and faults, that is what helps to make us unique!

My Flaws:

  1. Smiling: I hate to smile because I have two teeth (lateral incisors) on either side of my front teeth (central incisors), that are deformed and misshapen. (If you have a perfect smile we just can’t be cool)
  2. Weight: I’ve always been a curvaceous girl, but once I got to college, Freshman 15 turned into Sophmore 25 and so on. I’m not concerned with being as thin as I was in high school but I want to tone up my body and get rid of my little stomach pouch. (I actually had an ex weight shame me!!)
  3. Eyebrows: Worst kept secret……I don’t have eyebrows. Nope. If I wipe off my pomade, I have very thin brow hairs and it makes me feel like an alien.
  4. Talent: Now growing up, I was super athletic. I’m talking dance team, cheer, track, soccer, and volleyball. I also wrote and sang a little. But I had this weird misconception that if I tried my best and did well, people would notice me and try to put me down so I just tried to stay mediocre. That still translates to my attitude today.
  5. Curves: So this kinda ties in with weight but I specifically mean my butt. If you saw my mother and her mother, then you know where I got it from. I always got attention for it, my friends would tease me about it and boys would make crude comments on it. Eventually, it made me want to hide my body so that no one noticed it. I wore a lot of baggy clothes in high school.
  6. Drive: This more so started in college, but I’m in a business school and the university, as well as the School of Business, takes pride in all the job offers that its students get from major corporations. That’s great, but as someone who wants to work for herself, it’s hard to stay driven on being an entrepreneur when everyone else is talking about their high 5 figure salaries.

So those are a few of my insecurities. I’m sure I could pick myself apart all day like most women. My goal is to learn to accept my flaws and own them, I don’t want to feel ashamed anymore. You shouldn’t either.

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